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June 26, 2012 / Jess

The Story of Ian & Larissa

Dear Army,

My soldier didn’t want to go to Kuwait. If he was going to give up a year of his life and return home to unemployment, he wanted it to be for a purpose.

Neither one of us sees much point in him serving in Kuwait. (Which is not to say that I know much of anything about his mission, since that’s classified. But I’m well aware that they are a garrison force, a just-in-case placement, and I don’t agree with that on a number of levels. This is not classified. It was just in the news again last week.)

I feel badly for him, that he gave up his freedom without gaining a purpose. It’s a trait I will never fully understand because it is not one I possess – the willingness to sacrifice all that you have for your country. But I saw the struggle on his face (when I got to see his face); I see it in his letters, and in every piece of military literature that talks about such things that I read.

He is grateful he is not in danger. His life will not be sacrificed … or, as happens far too often, wasted. His time, maybe (probably), but not his life.

I thank God for that every day. I pray that if he cannot come home yet, and it seems that he cannot, that he stays in Kuwait – miserable, if necessary, but always safe.

I saw this video almost two months ago, and think about it almost daily. The video is about civilians but it’s a scenario war can and does cause. It is a scenario I often thought about in the middle of the night, as I tried to decide if I was strong enough to date a soldier.  It is painfully beautiful.

I’m grateful that this deployment will not create that path for us.

I’m convicted by Larissa’s strength.

And I’m totally buying that John Piper book.

(Not) love,



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  1. Heidi / Jul 4 2012 9:32 pm

    Oh, I saw that video awhile back too! Very thought-provoking. My initial reaction was something like, “And here I thought *I* was signing up for something!” So much in life is perspective.

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