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April 25, 2012 / Jess


Dear Army,

Why won’t you let my boyfriend vote? One of the things I love about him is his interest and knowledge in political/current affairs – even if our debates tend to avoid addressing the fact that we typically have differing political beliefs.

(Case in point: We watched one of the Republican primary debates. He focused on what they were actually saying. I focused on the presentation of the “objective” debate itself, like the lack of wisdom that went into having the names of newspapers behind the candidates – to me, on close shots, it looked as though news organizations were supporting specific candidates when they should be impartial.)

You’re making me more conservative, simply by showing me just how military resources and personnel are used. But that’s not my main issue today.

My main issue is that yesterday was the Republican primary in my state – and my soldier didn’t even know about it. Even if he had known about it – no easy feat when he’s on another continent and in a different time zone – there was no clearly established way for him to participate in it, assuming it was possible at all.

Why is it so difficult for soldiers to vote? These men and women are giving up everything for a country they believe in … why aren’t they allowed to make sure their voices are heard when it comes to making sure the leadership is something they believe in? Are you afraid they know too much?

These articles show just how difficult it is for those who are deployed to vote in a presidential election. Those who try are often not counted. That is disgusting.,13319,150477,00.html

I live in a perpetually blue state; it really doesn’t matter how I vote – I can’t remember the last time I saw a political ad. I don’t know who I want to vote for yet – you make me question everything I know. But it doesn’t matter if my guy wants to vote Red in November and I want to vote Blue (or vice versa), I’ll vote for his preferred candidate as a gesture.

He deserves more than a gesture. He deserves a vote.

Time to stop taking away things for people to believe in, Army – like democracy.

(Not) love,



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